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So, what is this all about?

It's about people – and experiences. It has to work.

Mobile Solutions for the Italian market

for Fastweb

How will we manage to remain one of the leading providers in the mobile telecommunications sector in future? How do we produce attractive offers?

Paolo Lesbo

Head of Business Development, Fastweb

New mobile products are developed by combining efforts, while at the same time, the HCD mindset has been introduced to the company. Paolo Lesbo: “For me, it was one of the most meaningful, engaging and rewarding projects in a long time."

Individual company trip to Silicon Valley

for innogy

Where will we be tomorrow, what’s trending? Where can I find inspiration to remain innovative in future?

Inken Braunschmidt

Chief Innovation Officer, innogy

During our trip to Silicon Valley, the Swisscom colleagues have opened their network for us - true to the principle of Silicon Valley: People are open, share information and networks and it will come back to you positively from whichever side.

Mobile and yet well catered to

for the SV Group

How do employees satisfy their hunger when their work is becoming increasingly mobile? How can staff catering react to these trends?

Peter Lutz

CMO of the SV Group

We joined forces to research our guests’ needs. Ideas were then generated and prototypes were built. Peter Lutz: “We like the customer-oriented approach. The discussions helped produce valuable ideas and suggestions.”